Club Rules and Fees


  • Hearing and eye protection must be worn by ALL persons on the range
  • Maximum shot size 6 not exceeding 28 grams​
  • Only factory ammunition to be used in competition
  • No smoking is permitted on the range except within the immediate area of the clubhouse
  • Every person entering our complex must present themselves to the office to sign in.
  • The club will not accept a photographed/digital copy of your Firearms Licence


  • $15 ground fee for all non ASC Sydney members​ on Practice Days (not competitions)
  • Nomination fees for competitions are variable, based on target types, number of targets and trophies

Club Standing Orders  

Please follow the link for the Clubs Standing Orders  Range Standing Orders 2022

Trap Setup and Loading Guidelines

Please follow the link for the Trap Setup and Loading Guidelines  Trap Set Up 2022